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Job Interview Wisdom...that Delivers

This website is much more than job interview tips. The interview process is often stressful and painfully slow.

-Why don't companies call you back with timely feedback?

-What's taking them so long to make a hiring decision?

-How often should you call a company for feedback?

-Is it OK to contact the hiring manager direct?

If you are a recent grad or the victim of downsizing...

How can you project an attitude of enthusiasm and confidence when you're nervous and self-conscious?

There are lots of websites and books about preparing for a job interview, but my website takes you behind the velvet rope to better navigate the interview process.

  • Do you know the top 10 interview questions of all time?
  • What are appropriate questions for you to ask without shooting yourself in the foot?
  • What is your best course of action after your job interview to stand out from all the others?
PEARL OF WISDOM: It's not necessarily the best candidate who wins a job's the candidate who interviews the best.

Three reasons why I am uniquely qualified to help you stand out and win job offers:

  1. I have counseled thousands of job seekers over my 20 year career as an executive recruiter and have been hired by hundreds of major corporations to fill key positions.

    My greatest success is not all the placements I've made over the years, but knowing my advice gave job seekers a leg up in landing a great job.

    This site will teach you the best way to navigate through the job interview process with several true stories to illustrate what works and what doesn't work.

  2. Prior to my recruiting career, one of the greatest trials of my life came when I lost my job. I was out of work ...for 7 long months. I experienced a roller coaster ride of emotions from overconfidence to downright despair. Perhaps you're experiencing the same things I did:

    -Financial set backs

    -Cold insensitive interviewers

    -The pain of frequent rejection

    -No promised call backs

    -Silly interview questions

    -Fair-weather friends

    ...and sleepless nights quietly praying to be rescued

  3. I own Lodestar Executive Search LLC, and actively recruit for hiring authorities of large corporations to broker offers and recruit top talent. After every interview I ask hiring managers what they like about my candidates and what they don't like about them.

    Hiring managers are always very direct and frank with me...unlike they would be with you if you asked them for the same feedback. I hear the good, bad, and ugly about how an interview went.

    Believe me, hiring managers aren't bashful about telling me what's on their mind.

    Over the years, a consistent pattern has emerged as to how executives make hiring decisions. If you know this pattern, you will definitely have the advantage over your competition during the interview process.

    This edge can make all the difference in winning an offer.

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