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Clerical Supervisor Role

by Jeanette

How do you feel supervisors, leads and subordinates should interact? I work for a government office. I want to give an answer that is correct but doesn't make it seem like a higher position will go to my head.

Mike Comments: People today do not like to be micro-managed. They want freedom to do their job, but still need their supervisor to support them by removing roadblocks beyond their control. For example, evenly distributing the workload, deflecting unrealistic demands from other department heads, resolving conflicts among team members, or getting tools and resources to do the job right.

People also appreciate good training and knowing their exact duties and responsibilities. They should feel comfortable approaching you about something they don't understand rather than work in an environment of fear.

People should interact as a team. The supervisor is the quarterback, but is still the boss. The best supervisors work along side their subordinates and have a positive, warm attitude. However, they also need to hold people accountable and set the pace for the department. Supervisors also don't have all the answers and it's OK if someone else in the department gets all the credit for a great idea or for resolving a difficult problem.

Mike Petras

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