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Convicted felon chances of landing a good job

by Ted

I have a felony conviction. What are my chances of landing good IT job?

Mike Petras comments:

Here are a couple of good resources for you to investigate:

Here are other things you can do:

  1. Talk with an attorney to see if you can either have your felony conviction expunged or reduced to a misdemeanor. This may take awhile because the legal system is painfully slow. Even if it takes a long time, it would be worth it because you will likely change jobs a few times in your life.

  2. Don't bring up your past in an interview unless you are asked. Most employer applications ask if you've ever been convicted of a felony. Obviously you have to answer this truthfully, but if you get the felony reduced to a misdemeanor, you can honestly check the box, No.

  3. The Internet Technology field is pretty liberal and open minded. So, you're in a career environment where it might be easier to get around your convictions. So, don't give up. It's best if you know someone inside the company who can vouch for your character. I know someone with a felony who was hired at 2 different companies with strict "no felony" policies because a friend called the manager and explained the situation. Because of this reference, they relaxed the policy for this person and hired him.

  4. Go down to your local unemployment office and ask to speak to a counselor about companies in your area who will hire people with past convictions. Often times these counselors have a list of companies who make exceptions or they will refer you to someone they know who might give you some ideas or even open a door for you.

  5. See if you can work on a contract basis through a temp agency or just work as a sole proprietor at an hourly rate.

  6. Go out to, and set up a free account. Network with as many people you can think of who may be able to refer you to someone or offer you a job. There is a lot of power in networking. For example: Let's say you know Joe, who has a good job with a company you'd like to work for. Joe says his company doesn't have any openings, but he has a friend (who you never met) who works for XYZ company who might be hiring. So, you call this friend and tell him Joe sent you. Because of your connection with Joe, this new referral might go to bat for you because of his respect for Joe--even though he doesn't even know you.

The secret to networking is drilling down as deep as you can go beyond just the people you know.
Over 50% of all hires come through referrals.

There is an old saying in networking: "Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody...who is hiring and can help you." It's human nature to help others, but you often have to ask to get.
Hope this helps a little.

Remember...don't define yourself but what you did. Your past behavior is not who you really are. You are not doomed to never work again because you made some mistakes. You just have to find the right connection to open a door for you.

Also, we're still in a tough economy and there is a lot of competition out there for jobs. Keep beating on doors, networking, and pushing forward. Something is bound to happen for you if just persist.

All the best, friend.

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May 28, 2014
by: Fernandez in wisconsin

It's been so tough to get a job in this state. I was convicted on felony breaking and entering. I never went in the house. I was homeless look for somewhere warm to sleep in because the winter is soo rough up here. I'm oringnaly from Georgia. Been in this state almost 7 years and I've had good jobs never just had a stable home. I'm in school right now for machine tool. I have a son. And it's been super tough looking for work. Plus I'm African American and that doesn't help much either with a background. I have not been to prison since I been here. I know people but I don't know the right people. I just wanna find a job and take of my family, if anyone knows any good jobs near Amery,wi....leave your email. Thanks a lot..let's try and change the worlds views on felons...

Apr 29, 2013
My past made me who I am today
by: General

I just wanted to thank all parties involved in posting comments for people like me who has made past decisions that we are not proud of. I was convicted in 1996 for AT&T robbery no one hurt ,no weapons ,no evidence, yet I served 6 years in prison do to poor counseling I went to trial to prove my innocence, but when the cop lied in court I was facing 25 yrs so I got scared & took a plead bargain. After my release in 2002 I was & still am determined to make a successful life for myself. Although I didn't deserve this I wasn't a complete angel so I didn't grow bitter. I have trained hundreds of people from Fridays Applebee's UNOs u name it n yet I can't get in management at least 20% of people I trained are managers. My work ethics attitude & social skills are flawless. I have been promoted in all my jobs only to be let go for bs. It hurts & it's frustrating I can manage managers ' I know the business my production in sales & return guest speaks for it self. What would you do if you were me & I wish someone would allow me the opportunity to let me run their business I will make them proud!!
Brooklyn general
If so call me 347-622-4753

Jun 01, 2012
Help With Florida Nursing License
by: TOM

I have 4 DUI felonies and 2 harassment charges. I have a NY state certified nursing assistant's license. I am moving to Florida, so I tried to transfer my license; however, I received a letter from the Florida board denying it along with a copy of my criminal record from the FBI.

I'm very upset and trying to find an inexpensive lawyer. Maybe s/he can help, but I really don't have the money for this right now.

I really need my Florida license. I've had my NY license for over 30 years and never had a problem with NY state.

Does anyone know what I can do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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