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Discouraged Unemployed Single Dad

by Hugo

I am unemployed and unable to find a job. I am a single dad with a young son to support. What more can I do? I am a college grad and feel I have a lot to offer. I am very discouraged.

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Apr 29, 2010
Discouraged Unemployed Single Dad
by: Michael Petras

Sorry to hear of your continuing job struggles. You're not alone. Although the job market is still challenging right now, it is slowly improving.

Three friends of mine have called me this month to tell me they finally found a job. All of them were unemployed for over 6-12 months.

Another friend called me and told me he finally has a couple of job interviews after sending out tons of resumes and just hearing crickets chirping.

So, if you've taken your foot off the gas with your job search, you might want to redouble your efforts right now to take advantage of some of the tailwinds that seem to be picking up.

Have you ever applied for a job through a temp agency? You might want to try it because a lot of employers will try before they buy. In other words, some employers are still nervous about the economy, so instead of hiring someone full time, they hire them for 3-6 months until they're sure things are stabilizing. Then, they offer a person a full time position.

Temp jobs are not just for hourly people or administrative type jobs. College grads,including engineers and other professionals, get hired this way all the time.

Another idea would be to look for a networking group in your community. Some groups meet daily or once a week for about an hour. They share job leads, bring in speakers to get you pumped up, and share resources and ideas to jump start your job search. Some networking groups are really organized and even have their own website.

You might try a Google search to find a networking group in your community. If that doesn't work, contact an outplacement firm and ask them if they know of any groups. You could also ask some local churches as these groups often meet there.

The idea of meeting with a networking group is to get some energy from outside of yourself. It can help chase the blues away and get you pumped up for a day or 2 instead of being paralyzed with depression and frustration.

Hope this helps a little. I know it's not easy...especially with your son, who I'm sure you care about deeply.

But...this too shall pass. Often times it's darkest before the dawn.

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