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Employer Interview Questions

Share with me an idea or improvement you implemented that made a difference

Employer interview questions about your ideas or improvements provide you with a tremendous opportunity to stand out from other job seekers.

The best way to answer this question is to structure your response in a storyboard fashion. This is how entertaining stories are created that leave you with a lasting impression.

Every good story delivers...

  • an attention grabbing introduction (problem or crisis),
  • a compelling story (characters/details that build interest),
  • a crescendo that invokes strong feelings or emotions.

Apply these 3 steps in 60 seconds...or less

  1. Describe the problem or situation
  2. Describe the steps you took to resolve or improve the situation
  3. Share the measurable results of your efforts

Pearl of Wisdom: Employers are most interested in improvements that save them money, make them money, or save them time. Your improvement story should speak to these 3 objectives to really impress hiring authorities.

Avoid talking more than 60 seconds; otherwise, you might ramble on and on and bore your listeners.

The 2 biggest pet peeves of hiring managers are job seekers who over explain things, and candidates who appear too laid back in their interview.

Once you've answered this question, don't be surprised it your interviewer asks you to share another idea or improvement.

Always be prepared with at least 2-3 examples...and they don't have to be earth shattering events to impress folks.

Your examples can even be from prior jobs that happened years ago. This is especially helpful if you've only been with your current company less than a year.

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