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Free Interview Answers

What do you do to improve yourself?

Here are free interview answers to one of the most popular top 10 behavioral interview questions. Anything that you can share with your interviewer that shows you are a student of your craft will set you apart from other candidates.

It doesn't matter if you haven't accomplished your goals yet.

The fact that you are spending your time and money on improving your job related skills will score brownie points with prospective employers.

Here are a few examples that are bound to impress:

  • Earning a professional certification
  • Learning a foreign language
  • Pursuing a Bachelors or Masters Degree
  • Company sponsored workshops or outside training
  • On line computer or software training
  • Taking a public speaking workshop
  • Reading books about your industry, discipline, or profession
  • Writing an article for an industry trade journal
  • Staying current with social media or other cutting edge trends

Special Tip: There is nothing more powerful than a personal story or situation to back up how you improved your skills or leadership capabilities.

Example: I know someone who drove to Chicago from South Bend Indiana ...225 mile round trip...two nights a week for one year to complete his MBA at the University of Chicago. He did this because of the prestige of their program relative to his profession.

My next door neighbor is an airline pilot. Every week he flies large, complex jet aircraft to far away destinations.

Despite his thousands of hours of flight experience, he attends formal flight training several times a year.

On top of his formal training and actual flight hours, he also has to re-certify his license and ratings every year.

No wonder the airline industry has such a stellar safety record.

Tiger Woods was once asked how he maintains his competitive edge in golf. He replied that he often takes golf lessons at the club he attends.

One last thing...In case you haven't noticed, sweeping changes are happening in the workplace at an unprecedented rate. Companies need people who are current with the latest technologies and trends.

Make sure you send a strong signal to employers that you embrace change and strive to improve your skills. Prove it by giving them solid examples.

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