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Good Job Interview Questions

What motivates you? is one of those good job interview questions that if answered correctly can really make you stand out.

Motivation is a peculiar attribute. If you are truly motivated to do something, time passes too quickly. The clock is your enemy and it's too bad you have to eat and sleep.

Often time people don't exactly know why they are so motivated about something. All they know is that they love doing it.

But one thing is for sure...motivation comes from within. No one can motivate you to do anything you don't want to.

It's can get can psyched up about something that will temporarily increase your resolve to do it. But your drive will be short lived if there isn't a strong purpose to your actions.

So, what motivates you?

Here is a list of work related motivators that many high achievers possess:

  • Satisfaction of solving complex problems
  • Creating order out of chaos and confusion
  • Teaching, training, developing, mentoring people
  • Turning a business or department around
  • Developing and implementing a product or system
  • Helping people with service needs or product issues
  • Discovering ways to save money by driving out costs
  • Recognition for outstanding sales or key accomplishments

You might be surprised to learn that the following 3 things do not instill lasting motivation within people:

  1. Money
  2. Rewards, gifts, incentives
  3. Contests, group competition

All of these things are sugar highs that might produce a short term burst of activity or effort, but soon fade when the party is over.

Knowing what really motivates you, tells your interviewers whether or not you will thrive in their culture. This is why this question is often among the good job interview questions.

Pearl of Wisdom: Before your interview, always try and find out about the empolyer's culture. If you are working with a professional recruiter, they should be able to describe this culture along with some of their issues and problems.

You might also be able to talk with someone inside the company without actually knowing them. The best way to find a company insider is through

After you log into your Linkedin account, go to the advanced search link at the top of your home page. Type in the name of the company in the company field, along with the zip code of the location. Linkedin will identify anyone at this employer who is a first level connection...and it will also identify any second level connections who work there.

Second level connections are people who know one of your first level connections, but they probably don't know you. In other words, they are a friend of a friend...who probably would be very happy to introduce you!

This inside information about the culture of this employer will be invaluable to you in preparing for your interview.

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