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Got Laid Off During Job Search

by Elaine

I interviewed for a job a month ago while still employed. Two weeks after the interview I was laid off. Now I'm being invited back for a second interview one week after I was laid off.

Should I tell the interviewer I was laid off? I'm so stressed.

Mike's Comments:

The best way to handle your situation is not to volunteer this information in the beginning of your second interview. Let the employer take the lead. Simply answer their questions truthfully.

However, if they ask you a question that forces you to reveal you are no longer working there, just collapse and tell them you were laid off.

Hopefully your job loss was not performance related.

In other words, let's say the interviewer says, "How do you think your boss will react when you resign?" Just tell them the truth rather than making something up.

If you don't do this the first time you're put in this position, now you have to keep making stuff up every time they ask you a similar question. If they catch you in a lie or find out later, they will not hire you. However, if you explain you were laid off...especially for reasons beyond your control (slow sales, company losing money, closing store, downsizing)...the pressure is off and most employers won't hold that against you. In some cases they may even be glad you're available now.

I really don't think you have to be too concerned. Almost everyone gets laid off at some point in their career.

Make sure you read my article on how to prepare for a second job interview. You might also benefit from reading my article, Pulling Through Layoffs and Downsizing.

All the best to you.

Mike Petras

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