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How Long Should I Follow Up on a Job?

by JoAnn
(Santa Monica, CA)

Your blog is really helpful, I learn a lot. Thank you very much!

But now I have a question that I couldn't find relevant information here. Here it is:

I interviewed with a company last week for their internship position. (I'm actually looking for full-time but they currently don't have positions available.) I think the interviewer really likes me because he said my resume was the 1st one he picked out from the candidates pool.

He said there probably will be full-time positions in the future but he doesn't know. So I told him I would be interested in internship as well.

I emailed him today to ask about my status. He replied:

"Thank you very much for coming to speak with me last week. I really enjoyed our conversation. I wanted to let you know that we are going to put you on hold for now. While I definitely think you are a qualified candidate, we have decided to go a different direction first. Please keep me updated as to your status and availability, and also how the rest of your school year goes. Best of luck with the exam, and with your job search. We will be in touch."

So I don't know what to do now.

I am really interested in this company. I will definitely follow up with person, but how often? And what should I say? (I currently don't have other offers yet)

So that's my question. Sorry for the long message, just wanna explain the whole situation.

Looking forward to your reply.


Mike Petras Comments:

Thanks for you email, JoAnn. Glad you like my blog and find it useful.

It sounds like this employer may have found someone else more qualified for this position and just didn't want to come right out and say it.

Maybe the position was put on hold at the last minute and he wants to keep you on the hook for a couple of months.

Be thankful he sent you a detailed email. Most candidates would just get the silent treatment.

I would continue to aggressively look for another job but follow up with a reply email to his original email in about 30 days. Keep your email note short and sweet: "Just following up on your job opportunity. I'm very interested in your company and still available. Look forward to hearing from you."

Follow up every 4-5 weeks, but no more than that. Try not to get your hopes up too high in case you don't hear back from them or they keep leading you on. After 2-3 follow ups, just move on and don't contact them again for about 6 months.

Hope this helps. All the best with your job search.

Mike Petras

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