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I Don't Have Any Accomplishments

by Craig

I'm reading your book, Why Don't They Call Me?, and have a question regarding accomplishments on my resume.

I was laid off after working 5 years at a print shop. I did Graphic Design-like file manipulation in addition to running the actual printing machines.

How do I come up with accomplishments, with measurable results, if I was doing mainly production work?

I wasn't privy to exact sales numbers and I didn't have a production quota, only deadlines on a per-project basis. I have a rough estimate for how many orders I would churn out in a week but that's it.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Mike Petras Comments:

Thank you for buying my book. Hope you're enjoying it and picking up some useful information.

The best approach for hourly workers, who don't have access to company financial information, is to talk about how you stood out from other workers.

For example:

  • Went 2 years without a sick day

  • Willingly worked overtime for 6 months

  • Received excellent written evaluation(s) from your supervisor

  • Asked to be the supervisor for 2 weeks while your boss was on vacation

  • Last to be laid off after 2 prior rounds of layoffs

  • Willingly worked 2nd shift for 6 months because of short staffing

  • Selected by peers as employee of the month

  • Any awards or recognition you received

  • Selected to visit a customer to help solve a problem or complaint

  • Merit pay increases for excellent performance on the job

  • Any ideas or production methods you suggested that saved the company time or money

  • Any special projects or assignments you were given by management because you are dependable and trustworthy

  • If you were loyal to your employer when lots of people were quitting because of long hours or hot conditions, etc.

  • Anything you did to improve safety

  • Anything you did to improve the quality of their products or services

Companies today have lots of problems with hourly workers not playing by the rules, calling in sick, being late, getting hurt, being a burden to others, and having a bad attitude.

Anything you can share in your resume that shows you work hard, have a good attitude, and are dependable will almost guarantee you a job if a company is hiring.

Hope this helps. All the best.

Mike Petras

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Comments for I Don't Have Any Accomplishments

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Aug 13, 2020
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for these ideas for hourly workers. I'm working on answering a long list of written interview questions including the dreaded accomplishments question & this advice helped me get unstuck.

Feb 18, 2017
Excellent NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you. It's very difficult to find any information on accomplishments for hourly workers with no access to company financial information. This article is very helpful.

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