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Job interview with SEC

by Sasha
(New York)

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants to interview me next week for a key management position.

What kind of interview questions do you think they will ask me?

I'm just wondering if the nature of government questions will be different than company questions.

Any other advice for me?

Comments by Mike Petras:

Most companies and organizations pretty much ask the same employment interview questions. You're probably thinking that because it's the SEC, they have a bunch of clever questions that no one else has ever thought to ask.


Most job interview questions fall into one of the 3 categories below. Click on the links to read about the psychology of these questions and what companies/organizations want to hear:

  1. Top 10 Interview Questions

  2. Situational Interview Questions

  3. Behavioral Interview Questions

As you can imagine, the SEC will probably want to know how stringent you are about following laws and regulations...especially after Wall Street's recent meltdown.

When I took my written exam for my private pilot's license, most of the 4 hour exam was all about FAA rules and regulations. I was surprised there weren't more flight situation type questions.

Good luck with your interview. Sounds like a great job.

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