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Jobless Because of Too Many Jobs

by Theresa K

My husband is a Board Certified Physician. Last year at the age of 51 he became a citizen of this country.

He started his medical career when he was 40 years of age and is now 52, but has been unemployed for 10 months.

The one glaring question and issue with his work history is that he has had way too many jobs and no one understands why.

It is the absolute killer question that interviewers just shake their heads at.

He has had difficulty working with bad bosses (and I mean really bad), and instead of keeping his mouth shut and looking for a better work environment he would fight with them about patient care, misdiagnosis, contract issues etc.

This has left him unemployed and moving to another job either doing temp work or finding work in rural areas that do not understand "diversity."

I believe he is beginning to understand that, yes, they were bad bosses; however, the way in which he approached his relationship with these bosses was very confrontational and not in his best interest.

He has had several interviews by telephone and a few on-site interviews.

How can he overcome his past history (not all jobs were bad, some were quite good, those of which were in larger metro areas)?

How can he overcome his past mistakes with his confrontation and highlight his skills so that the potential employers will look past the many jobs to the skills he does have?

Thank you,

Theresa K

Mike's comments:

Thanks for your email, Theresa. I'm sure this is a frustrating time for you too.

There is no doubt your husband is a very intelligent, competent physician. And the good news is there is a growing demand for doctors.

But if he can't get along with people, most employers would rather deal with the pain of an open position instead of discord and aggravation in the workplace.

Is your husband agreeable to counseling?

Although I'm sure he's had some bad bosses during his career, they can't all be bad. Until your husband recognizes his own shortcomings and learns constructive ways to respond to issues at work, he's doomed to repeat the same employment pattern.

Eventually, he well be labeled as "unemployable", and his only remaining option will be self-employment.

The best way for job seekers to find a job with a history of too many job changes is through another person.

In other words, your husband needs an advocate to go to bat for him. Even then, he will need to convince this advocate that he's a changed man and ready to plant deep roots at his next job.

The best place to look for an advocate is at Your husband should set up a free account and create a professional profile so he can easily connect with all his past associates and friends.

LinkedIn also provides free training for job seekers.

He then needs to reach out to as many past associates as possible and ask for their help in finding a job. This should be done over the phone or in person. Only connect by email as a last resort.

This will be humbling experience, but it's probably just what your husband needs to get his career back on track.

Very Important: Your husband needs to be as flexible as possible right now. This means a willingness to relocate, take a substantial pay cut, or accept a subordinate role that he's overqualified for. The more flexible he is...the more attractive he will appear to employers.

Somewhere out there is a loving soul who knows your husband's heart and will be willing to open a door of opportunity for him. But your husband has to make the effort to soften his attitude and humbly connect with others.

For more ideas on how to network and go about a job search, look through all the topics on the site map of my website.

Also, my book, Why Don't They Call Me? ~ Job Search Wisdom to Get You Unstuck, was specifically written for job seekers who have been unemployed over 6 months and in need of a breakthrough.

Hope these suggestions help your husband get his career back on track. All the best.

Mike Petras

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Dec 17, 2011
Yes, we have done counseling
by: Teresa K

Marital, Anger Management, crisis counseling for me, prayer, more prayer, more prayer and threats that I will leave but to no avail.

This physician does not believe you are correct, that I have mislead the situation, and have not given the complete story.

Thank you for your input. I was hoping that a "professional" would have more weight than my opinion but that is not the case.

I will have to take the next step to bring happiness back into my life.

I have ordered your book and will be re-entering the workforce as a paralegal after a 7 year hiatus.

Wish me luck!

Theresa K.

Dec 17, 2011
Too many jobs
by: Anonymous


I read your response and I am wondering what kind of counseling is available to deal with bad bosses/working environment.

Yes, I understand your point about "getting alone" but nobody wants to be employed in a place where they treat you as a "white trash."

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