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Mock Job Interview Quiz

I've created a challenging mock job interview quiz to help you assess how prepared you are for your upcoming job interview.

Would you rather step on a land mine here...or in front of the hiring manager?

My quiz describes an interview situation, then asks you to select the best way to handle it. All questions are based on real situations provided to me by actual hiring authorities.

So...this quiz is basically a mini mock job interview covering the most important choke points in the interview process.

Example of Actual Test Question

After you select your answer, you'll know know right away if you answered it correctly. Also there is always a brief commentary recommending the best interview strategy, along with at least one link to a detailed article on my website.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't had time to prepare for your quiz will expose your shortcomings so you know where to focus.

It only costs $2.99 to take the quiz...about the price of a decent cup of coffee...and if you are disappointed for any reason, I'll promptly refund your money...and you can keep the 3 free PDF reports ($9 value).

Please Note: Your purchase helps me provide tons of free content on my website about the best job interview strategies to win offers. Thank you!

only $2.99

Mock Job Interview Quiz includes 3 free PDF reports

  1. Job Interview Checklist - 52 MUST DO items with handy direct links to articles on my website to insure nothing slips through the cracks (things to bring - information to gather - post interview musts).
  2. 7 Post-Interview Thank You Letters - to impress hiring authorities after your interview.
  3. Special Report: - 10 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Resign + 2 sample resignation letters.

NOTE: These 3 powerful reports are not available to the public on my website.

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