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My Title Poor Job

by Sean
(Windsor, Ontario)

I have been employed at an arts center for the past year. We are owned by the local council but my job title is clerical assistant.

In my opinion, my duties more suit somebody who is an assistant manager or supervisor. I'm not sure who to approach about boss, human resources, or someone else.

I also don't believe I am earning enough money for what I do as I manage the building when my manager is absent and also control all deliveries, stock, filing, advertising, tickets and all the basic customer service needs.

What do you think?


Mike Petras Comments:

Hello Sean-

You're right. It sounds like your job title doesn't fit your responsibility.

I would first approach your boss about this. Tell him you're not asking for a raise (although you may deserve one), but you feel your title should reflect your current level of responsibility. Explain to him/her that it seems like your job responsibilities and authority have grown over time, but not your title. You might also add that you enjoy working there and simply want your title to properly reflect what you do.

This will be important if you ever decide to leave your current employer because prospective employers will prejudge you simply based on your title. They may underestimate your skills and abilities if you have more of an entry level type job title.

If your boss just shrugs his/her shoulders and doesn't want to do anything about it, ask them if you can approach the HR manager or another higher up. The reason this is important is because some bosses don't like their subordinates going over their head.

Hope this helps a little. You definitely have a reasonable request.

Mike Petras

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