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Need Help: Fired for the 5th Time

by Patti
(Whiteland, IN USA)

I've been fired from every job (5) because of anxiety and my inability to get along with people due to my disability.

I applied for Social Security Disability, but was denied.

Now what do I do? I'm 48.

Mike Petras comments:

Hello Patti-

I'm sorry to hear of your health problems and employment issues. I'm sure this is a difficult time for you right now as you search for ways to move forward.

Hopefully I can give you a few ideas based on the very brief information you've shared with me.

First, I assume you've met with your doctor. I know this seems obvious, but often times anxiety can be treated with medication. It may not solve your medical condition, but it can help manage it better. There are some very effective drugs on the market that can take the edge off anxiety, depression, and other disorders.

Second, have you considered jobs where you don't have to interact much with people? Some of these jobs may be available on off shifts. For the present, just get a job to bring in a paycheck until you get your health issues under control. Then, start rebuilding your career.

Third, put yourself in a positive environment. Attend a church, work out at a local gym, or contact a social worker at The Salvation Army for ideas about other groups in your community.

The worse thing you can do is withdraw totally from people and just sit around. Get out there and interact with people outside of your employment. You'll find many loving souls eager to help you who have overcome similar problems.

There is an old saying, "God hears our prayers, but it is often through another person that we receive our answer."

Fourth, read from good books. Reading is exercise for the mind. What you think about influences how you feel. And, good feelings will motivate you to take some kind of action to solve your problems and move forward. You need fresh ideas and positive thoughts.

A good book to help you assess your strengths and what your purpose is in life is, How to Find Your Mission in Life, by Richard Bolles.

Lastly, you might get a couple more ideas from a response I wrote to someone, looking for a second chance.

Hope this helps a little. I wish you all the best in your journey. You can do this.

Mike Petras

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