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Nervous About Panel Interview

by Logan

The best company in my field just invited me in for a panel interview. Any job interview advice for these kinds of interviews?

I've been on lots of job interviews before, but never a panel interview. I'm worried that my interview will be more like an interrogation.

After my interview, do I send everyone a thank you letter, or just the HR Manager?

Mike Petras comments:

Panel interviews, sometimes called group interviews, are a little more stressful than one-on-one interviews.

Companies usually do panel interviews to save time as most people will interview with 3 or 4 people anyway. So, instead of spending 3-4 hours at the company interviewing with each manager, you would only spend an hour with the group.

The other advantage to you and the company, is after you leave, they can immediately share their thoughts and feelings amongst themselves about you. This is good as it speeds up the hiring process. Also, you should receive more timely feedback from them...even if it's bad news.

Even so, you probably will feel more nervous in a group interview setting. This is natural because, after all, it is 4 against 1. But, if you're well prepared, you have nothing to fear.

They're going to ask you the same kinds of interview questions anyway. Also, in a group setting you're not going to be asked the same questions over and over again like you would if you met with each interviewer separately.

Special tip: Maintain eye contact with everyone in the group, not just the one who is asking the question. This is a good non-verbal way to connect with everyone in the group as you never know who has the final vote on who gets hired. Sometimes the person with the most clout will sit there passively throughout your interview.

Go to Group Interview, for in depth tips and advice.

Best of luck. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Mike Petras

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