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New to Company But Want Promotion

by Anonymous

I took a pay cut and began work with a not-for-profit because I feel passionate about the work and planned to move up once I gained some experience.

Unfortunately, the position I am in leaves me dissatisfied as I have always had a higher level of responsibility in past positions (and the pay is an issue, as well).

Luckily, a position has opened up that I feel I would be great for. It is a facilitator position in which I would be able to implement some of the bigger ideas that I have and it would utilize my skills and education much more.

I have put in a letter of interest, but I feel like a fool as I have only been with the company 3 1/2 months and am just finishing up my training for my current position. I know that a couple of other people are applying, one who has been there ten years.

While I am excited and passionate about all of the things I could accomplish for the individuals we work with, she has told people that she is just applying for the financial aspect.

I know that either way the interview can be a good way for me to get my name out there and gain some experience, but I really want this promotion and truly feel like I am the better person for the job even though I have much less experience than her.

How can I communicate this to management, who I feel will assume that she is the better candidate?


Mike Petras Comments:

First of all, it's wonderful that you are passionate about your work. With passion comes vision, drive, and determination to accomplish your goals. So your feelings are very normal and it's only natural that you want to do more.

You did the right thing by applying for the position. There is an old saying, "Much is lost for the want of asking".

Maybe your superiors hired you knowing your current position would be a step down for you. So you certainly have nothing to lose by letting them know of your interest. You shouldn't feel like a fool at all.

If you haven't received any kind of response to your letter of interest, go ahead and approach the hiring manager in person. Ask them if they received your letter and if there is a chance you would be considered.

Be prepared to share with them why you feel you're a good fit. Also, tell them you are grateful for your current role, and are not
unhappy, but you're passionate about their cause and capable of hirer responsibility.

All of this is good and you're superiors should admire and respect you.

Since you are so new to the organization you might not get this promotion. This has more to do with timing than your qualifications. But at least you've planted a seed in the minds of your leaders that you're passionate about their cause and you want to contribute as best you can.

After that, let the quality of your work and your attitude speak for itself. This will not go unnoticed. You are still far better off working in a field you love.

Hope this works out well for you.

Mike Petras

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