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OK to use relative's address so I look like a local candidate?

by Ann

Thank you so much for your website. I found so many useful job interview tips that I've been able to use on my job search. I do have a question that I hope you can answer.

I think that I am being overlooked because I am not a local candidate. This was mentioned on at least a couple job interviews I've been on. Right now, I'm debating if I should use the address of a friend's or relative's to help me with the job hunt. Is this okay?

Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


Mike Replies:

Hello Ann-
Thanks for your email. Glad my site has helped you with your job search. In regards to your relocation question: It sounds like you are targeting a location where you have family and friends. Maybe you're trying to relocate back home.

Yes--it's OK to use the address of a relative or friend as long as you don't expect the company to pay for your relocation. Also, you should pay for any travel expenses associated with your job interview. In other words, if you present yourself as a local candidate, go through the interview process as if you actually live there. This way the company won't feel manipulated.

Many companies don't want to pay for a relocation, so they only interview local candidates. Since it's too complicated to explain on your resume that you will pay for your own relocation and job interview expenses, it's easier to just use a friend or relative's address. If during your interview it somehow comes up that you really don't live local, explain to your interviewers that you are in the process of moving back and you don't expect any relocation assistance. This is what they're really worried about anyway.

Hope this is helpful to you. All the best.

Mike Petras

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