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Phone Interview Follow Up

by D'Ann
(Seattle, Wa)

After a phone interview and email thank you follow up, what is the best way to re-engage and answer a question more completely that was asked during a phone interview?

Mike Petras Comments:

The answer to your question is found on my site at Post Interview Follow Up. Especially read item 4, Three Strikes and You're Out. This is the best way to prompt a call back or jump start the hiring process when things start to drag.

As far as answering a question more thoroughly, I wouldn't bring it up at this stage. Sometimes it's best to leave sleeping dogs lie. I know you may be troubled by your answer to their question, but employers judge you on the entirety of your interview. Usually if you stumble over one question it won't eliminate you as a serious candidate. Save your answer for the 2nd round of interviews should the question come up again.

Hope his helps. Good luck with your search.

Mike Petras

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