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Preparing for a Job Interview

Avoid fatal mistakes and time wasters in preparing for a job interview. Discover proven tips for interviews that will make you truly stand out.

As an executive recruiter, I've coached 1000’s of job seekers on where to focus their efforts in preparing for an interview.

You will definitely benefit from my 19 years of experience in working directly with hiring executives, directors, and managers.

After every interview, executives told me flat out what they liked, and what they didn’t like about my candidates. They were quick to share with me every shortcoming, mistake, and strength.

What I discovered is that often the best qualified candidate came in 2nd place simply because another candidate was a better interviewer.

Based on this startling insight, you will learn crucial job interview advice that will dramatically increase your chances of getting an offer.

How you conduct yourself during a job interview makes a big difference in how you are perceived.

Job Interview Advice to Win Offers

  1. 14 key job interview tips - Simply put--these 14 job interview tips are critical in preparing for a job interview and avoiding the most common interview mistakes.
  2. Mock Job Interview Test - If you can't pass this short 20 question test, you're simply not ready for your job interview.
  3. Job interview attire - Your interview attire says a lot about you. Make a powerful first impression by looking your best.
  4. Interview etiquette - Similar to having good table manners, these small interview subtleties will add a touch of class to your interview presentation and leave a lasting impression on hiring authorities.
  5. Travel etiquette - Carefully consider your travel habits in preparing for an interview. Your travel etiquette--or lack of it--will be noticed.
  6. Job references - sometimes referred to as, employment references, are a critical step in the hiring process.
  7. Character reference letter - A well written character reference letter from a former boss, department head, customer, or co-worker can make a difference in you getting a job interview or a job offer.
  8. Your job interview weakness - Discover your fatal flaw. We all have shortcomings. Your job interview weakness could be the way you lost your last job, your age, a long period of unemployment, health issues, no college degree, anxiety, or other issues.

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