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Search 1500+ current recruiters jobs on my executive search firm website (Lodestar Executive Search).

Most of these jobs are not advertised to the public or on employers' websites. 

Simply click on one of the categories below for a list of current openings. 

You can apply on line, upload your resume, and create search agents to email you about new job postings.

Job postings include salary ranges, locations, and detailed job descriptions

Lodestar Executive Search Jobs Board

Accounting Management
Aerospace Manufacturing
Automotive Marketing
Biotech Materials
Chemical Nursing
Construction Pharmaceutical
Contracting Purchasing
Defense Oil & Gas
Engineering Research
Executive Sales
Facilities Science
Finance Software
Health Care Supply Chain
Human Resources Telecommunications
Information Technology Training
Logistics Transportation
Maintenance Warehouse

Job Search Tips for Best Results

  • Start off broad with only one or two keywords; then, narrow it down from there
  • Salaries shown are at the low end of the range and do not include bonus income
  • Upload your resume for every job because each job is recruiter specific
  • Create a job alert to be notified by email of jobs in your niche

What Makes my Recruiters Jobs Board Unique

  • Most of the 1500+ jobs displayed here are not advertised
  • There is a strong sense of urgency to fill these job openings
  • Companies have hired executive recruiters to find candidates
  • There are fewer applicants competing for these positions

Get Noticed by an Executive Recruiter

My recruiters jobs board is one of the best ways to hook up with a veteran head hunter. Most of the 1500+ jobs displayed on this board are not advertised in the public domain.

For this reason, you are competing with fewer candidates for key positions within highly successful employers.

There is a strong sense of urgency to fill these positions; however, only candidates who match the specific job requirements will be contacted.

There is no cost to search my board or work with a recruiter. All of our fees and costs are paid for by our client companies.

Ideal job seeker profile to attract executive recruiters:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question: What is the difference between a contingency executive recruiter and a retained executive recruiter?

Answer: Contingency recruiters do not collect a fee from a client company until after they place a job seeker. A retained recruiter is paid a portion of their fee up front...usually 10% - 33% of the total fee.

Some argue that a retained executive recruiter is better to work with because they must be valued more by a company if they are paid up front for their services. There is some truth to this, especially if you are targeting senior executive roles with major corporations.

However, the vast majority of 3rd party recruiters work on a contingency basis. If one of them contact you, I would definitely listen because they could be sitting on your dream job and have a lot of influence with key hiring executives.

In my recruiting practice, job seekers sometimes ask me if a job opportunity I'm presenting to them is being done on a contingency or retained basis. I smile when they ask me this because I already know what they're thinking.

But what they don't know, is sometimes I turn down a retained search because I may actually prefer to work with a certain client on a contingency basis.

The reason I may choose to do this is because it gives me greater freedom to terminate my search if the company has unreasonable hiring expectations or their hiring process is too complicated and slow.

I wouldn't have this "walk away power" if the company paid me up front for my services.

Bottom line for you...don't worry too much about a retained search vs a contingency search. It's all about discovering a great job opportunity and whether or not the timing is right for you.

The recruiter's role is to recommend you to his/her client and coach you through the hiring process. Beyond that, it's up to you to interview well and position yourself for an offer.

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