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Relocating for Love

by Lora Elle
(Boulder, Colorado)

I've relocated for love, but how do I answer the question, "So what brought you to Boulder from Minneapolis?"

I'm certain being honest and laying out all the gory details about how things didn't work out with the man I moved for, but in that breakup demise, I ended up falling in love with a co-worker and we're now engaged to be married, yadda yadda, blah, blah, blah.

So! What would you recommend my response be to, "So - what brought you out to Boulder from Minneapolis?"

Thank you in advance and look forward to your advice!

Mike Petras comments:

Hello Lora-

Thanks for your email...and congratulations on your engagement!

I believe it is unlikely you will be asked that question since you've lived in Boulder for awhile and you're employed.

The more likely question you will be asked is, why do you want to leave your current employer? Companies are more interested in your job skills and job motivations than your personal life.

However, you may be asking me this question because it's against your current company's policy for husbands and wives to work together. If this is the case, simply tell prospective employers you are engaged and your current company has a non-nepotism policy. So you need to find another job. No one will be bothered by this as this is such a positive event.

Everyone likes falling in love.

If for some reason you are asked what brought you to Boulder, tell them flat out, "Actually, I moved here for I'm engaged to be married." There is no need for you to share with them all the details of your romance. All they need to know is you're engaged and quite excited about it.

Why would anyone have a problem with that?

If you want to completely avoid discussing your love life, just give them a business related reason as to why you're looking for another job.

Hope this is helpful to you. Good luck with your job search.

Mike Petras

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