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Started Work But Still Looking For Job

by Robin
(Minneapolis, MN)

I graduated from college last year and started work at a company a few weeks ago. Although I knew this job was not in the area/career path I was interested in long term, I figured it was better to start work and gain some experience first.

Given the current economy, I was worried that if I waited to hear back from interviews with other companies, it would not guarantee employment, and I may be left with no jobs in the end.

However, a company that I really want to work for called up and offered an interview next week.

What should I say if they were to ask during the interview about my current status? How do I go about explaining the situation, or should I just not mention that I am currently working now?

Thanks so much for your advice!

Mike Petras Comments:

I would definitely go to the interview as you have nothing to lose. Let them take the lead in the interview process and don't volunteer any information about your current employment status. They will be using your last resume as an agenda and will probably assume you haven't found a job yet.

Since you just graduated and are at the very beginning of your career, your interviewers will be more interested in your education, current strengths, and communication skills. They probably won't even ask you how your job search is going or if you've found a job yet.

Even so, if they do ask you, just be up front with them about it. Don't lie about it or try and cover it up. Tell them you recently accepted a position with another company because of the scarcity of jobs in this economy, but you've always admired their organization (company you're interviewing with) and dreamed of a career there. You were very exited when they called you in to interview.

Remember, the company that invited you in for an interview has a burning need to fill their position. They're not going to be too concerned about how your departure from another company might look...especially if they like you. Besides, you have good reason to be worried about finding the perfect job in this sluggish job market.

Although your timing is awkward, there is nothing unethical or wrong about considering another position that could be an excellent career move for you. You've invested a lot in your education and career. You owe it to yourself to consider the best career path for you.

Mike Petras

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