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Strange Environmental Interview Question


I know this question will be asked in my interview tomorrow because my boyfriend went through the same job interview yesterday. So I'm trying to get prepared for it in the best way possible.

Here is the question:

In 60 seconds or less, what do you think are the most crucial issues concerning our natural environment?

I think this a very vague question, with many different aspects in which I could go about answering. Should I be talking about the destruction of our planet and the misuse of our resources? Should I simply talk about how as humans we take for granted and are careless towards our environment? Considering all the damage we've caused; a global change would be nearly impossible to achieve at this point in time but as individuals we can surely do our part in saving our planet.

Then again I've only got 60 seconds. Where do I go with this without sounding too negative?

If someone could answer A.S.A.P., anything, something, comments or suggestions before tomorrow that would be greatly appreciated!

Mike's Comments:

You are very fortunate to know in advance that an off-the-wall job interview question like this will be asked.

Most people are not so lucky.

There is no way you can anticipate and prepare for every possible interview question. But, here is a good tip to help you think on your feet when you're caught off guard with a difficult interview question like this one.

Ask yourself, what is the fear behind this question?

What are they really worried about?

My guess is...they aren't the least bit interested in your views on the environment. They just want to hear you express your opinion about a controversial topic. In essence, this is a behavioral interview question in disguise.

If you have strong feelings about a current issue, you won't be able to resist responding to a question like this. And, it will give the company a rare glimpse into how you think, form opinions, and make judgments.

If your answer is too negative, or too far to the right or left, the company will conclude you might be too inflexible or uncompromising in the workplace.

Your best approach is to be moderate in sharing your views and opinions. Companies want flexible, open minded, honest, easy-to-manage employees.

Most companies already know that many candidates are going to prepare in advance for many of the standard interview questions...and have thought out the ideal answer.

So, some companies like to throw you a curve ball question to try and get inside your head to uncover the real you.

Mike Petras

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