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6 Types of Interview Styles

Knowing these six popular types of interview styles is crucial to having a positive interviewing experience.

Interview types are designed to either challenge you, or make things more convenient for the interviewing team.

If you know ahead of time an employer's job interview format, it will boost your self-confidence and increase your chances of standing out from other job seekers.

Always try to find out what types of interview you may be faced with.

This is easier than you think.

Who is the person that set up your job interview?

Was it the HR manager, a staff associate, or your executive recruiter? Ask them to email to you a copy of your interview itinerary.

Most of the time they will oblige; however, sometimes they will commit to send it to you, but don't. This is too important to risk falling through the cracks. So just ask them if you will be interviewing with just one person or a group or in a one-on-one setting.

TIP: A good way to get information from people who don't know and trust you yet, is to tell them up-front why you need it. Example: So I know how to prepare for my interview, would you please email to me a copy of the itinerary?

This extra minute of effort could be a life-saver for you as you now have a good idea how their interview process works and what type of interview to expect. You're just asking for information at this point.

Why would anyone be offended about being asked how long the interview will last and who you will be meeting with?

In the unlikely event they won't give you this information, or worse yet, they get snooty about it...relax. Try not to read too much into this.

Remember, you're only talking to one person. S/he is not the company. This is also true if you are working through an executive recruiter.

You're probably not going to be reporting to this person anyway. So there's no need to panic or take it personally.

Six Popular Types of Interview Styles

Follow the links below to discover exactly why companies prefer these interview settings and your best strategies to impress employers.

1. Phone interview: A telephone interview is nothing more than a sniff test to determine whether or not a company wants to spend their valuable time and money to bring you in for a face-to-face interview. Learn 8 phone interview tips guaranteed to give you an edge.

2. One-on-One interview: You will meet with one person at a time, usually in their private office. These 7 job interview techniques will confidently lead you through a one-on-one interview, sometimes called a first level informational interview.

3. Group interview: Sometimes referred to as a panel interview, you will meet with a panel of 3 to 7 people in a small conference room specifically set aside for these types of interviews. Knowing what to expect and how to respond will insure your butterflies are flying in formation.

4. Dinner interview: What should you do if your host orders a beer and offers you one? Is it OK to discuss politics, religion, or your collection of antique Barbie dolls? Should you order surf and turf?

5. Assessment Group interview: You will be interviewed together with 6-10 other candidates. Various exercises and tasks will be assigned to the group and evaluated by 3-4 company evaluators. These types of interview are rare and usually done by very large corporations.

6. Second interview: It is very common today for companies to invite two or three finalists back for a second job interview. Many job seekers show up over confident and end up stepping on a land mine.

Regardless of the types of interview you experience, knowing what to expect and how to best respond can make a huge difference in whether or not you win an offer.

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