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Typical Job Interview Questions

Why Should I Hire You?

Here is one of those typical job interview questions that inject a little bit of stress into the equation.

This is a silly question. Don't you wish you could fire back...

Didn't you hear a word I said during the interview?

This is your last chance to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Avoid:

  • Sounding desperate
  • Pleading for the job
  • Talking too much

If you are asked one of these typical job interview questions at the end of your interview, it is a buying signal.

At this point, an offer is likely unless you say something incredibly stupid.

Tell your interviewer you want the job and are excited about it.

Employers like it when people want to work for them.

Give them a 30 second closing statement mentioning again a few of your strengths, and how you will make a difference.

Always remember these words when phrasing your answer:

  • I am...
  • I have...
  • I can...

Special Tip: Ask for the job even if you aren't entirely sure you want to work there. You can always turn down a job offer...but if you don't get one, you don't have any options.

Example answer for one of these typical job interview questions:

First of all, I am very impressed with XYZ company and I definitely want to work here. You can depend on me to complete my job assignments on time and to exceed your expectations.

As I mentioned in my interview:

  • I am dependable, optimistic, and results oriented
  • I can quickly resolve conflicts and problems
  • I have the ability to think clearly under pressure
  • I always hit or exceed my sales targets
  • I am an excellent teacher, trainer, and public speaker

I'm hopeful you will extend me an offer as I can see myself spending the rest of my career with XYZ company.

If you are asked at the very beginning of your interview...Why should I hire you? need to prepare your answer a little differently.

The early timing of this question happens for a couple of reasons.

Either the interviewer is inexperienced and doesn't know any better. You can forgive someone for that.


The interviewer knows exactly what they are doing, and they want to put you under stress to see how you react.

If your future boss is asking you this right off the bat, it's a sign they could be controlling and demanding, since they don't seem to be sensitive to the fact that most people are a little nervous in a job interview--especially in the opening 5-10 minutes.

In either case, relax. After all, you are well prepared and self confident. Right?

So if you're asked this question at the beginning of your interview, just modify your closing statement by not asking for the job nor mentioning you hope they will extend you an offer.

Keep your answer to 30 seconds and then wait for them to ask you another question.

Many people who are caught off guard with a premature question like this, panic. Your typical knee-jerk reaction will be to talk too much. Resist rambling on and on while you try to get your butterflies flying in formation. Talk slowly and breathe slowly.

If you are prepared you have nothing to fear. You know what to say.

If your prospective boss continues to put you under unreasonable stress and seems to enjoy torturing you, smile, and be professional.

Be yourself and do your best. That's all any of us can do.

Remember, a job interview is a 2-way street. You are evaluating them as much as they are evaluating you. So, don't let typical job interview questions like this rattle you.

Look at it this way.

Your interviewer may actually be doing you a favor.

Would you rather find out your boss is Attila the Hun in the interview, or after you're working there?

Trust your instincts.

One last observation...

If a Human Resources person is conducting this interview and putting you under stress, or putting you on the defensive, just remember, you won't be reporting to this HR person.

They probably will have little influence over you once you're hired.

Don't prejudge this job opportunity based on this one person.

Again, if you're well prepared for your interview, relax, smile, be professional, answer these kinds of typical interview questions calmly, and trust your instincts.

If it's meant to be, things will work out and you'll feel good about it. If not, move on to the next company.

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