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Unemployed after 36 1/2 yrs. (Call Center Closed)

by YAM
(Louisville, KY)

My story is very common but still devastating. I began working for a company 2 years after high school, in 1974. The job was full of opportunities and benefits so I decided to make my career goal within this company.

I Started as an assembler of plumbing parts; I soon began to climb the promotion ladder that eventually lead to my former job as a Supervisor for our Customer Service Dept.

Unfortunately, my career ended Oct. 2010 as the call center was closed due to the great decline in the economy.

It has now been 2yrs and 6 mos. since I've worked. Looking for a job of the same momentary value was not available; soon my search was limited.

During my time off a family issues arose that required me to take in 2 teenage grandchildren. I still have that responsibility and have exhausted my retirement 401k and other savings. This mercy act required all my attention until the issues began to settle.

Now, the family issues are settled and I can more aggressively return to looking for work as I've been told the economy is looking up :-).

On a volunteer basis, I am currently interviewing by phone, job applicants for my son-in-law's business; to support him in Georgia. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". So, I'm using my mind until my breakthrough comes along.

Hoping for a career soon,


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