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Unjustly Fired - Now What?

by Leslee
(Middletown, Md , USA)

I love all the information you have on your website! Here is my situation: I knew my days were numbered at my job only because I know the patten of how my employer gets rid of people.

Basically they hired another director at a lower salary, then made up a story that I had changed the time on an employee's time card; which is not true. So I asked them to show me proof. Well, they refused so I did not sign their termination paperwork.

Weeks later my supervisor and VP were also fired.

So how do I handle a reference from my x-company when I know how they blackball everyone no mater what happened. Can you please help me ?

I'm a very honest person and all of my other employers speak highly of me, but even my manager at my prior job is no longer there.

So how would you handle that when I called there and no one knew who I was...

Thanks so much.


Mike Petras comments:

It never ceases to amaze me how ruthless and cold some executives and managers can be. It sounds like your x-employer lost their moral compass somewhere along the way...if they ever had one to begin with.

And now, after you've been victimized by this company, you have to pick up the pieces of your career and move on.

The good news is you're free from this nonsense and can move on. No doubt you will find another position with a great company and all of this will be a distant memory.

Outlined below are 3 articles I wrote to job seekers who were in the same boat as you. Your best approach is to use one or more of these techniques to prevent x-employers from giving you a bad reference or black-balling you.

  1. Admit to Being Fired From a Job?

  2. Why did you leave your last place of employment?

  3. Providing Employment References

One last thing...regarding your prior employer "having never heard of you before." This simply can't be the case.

You should speak directly to the HR manager to make sure when a prospective employer calls them they have your dates of employment at their fingertips.

If not, you need to physically go down there and get this straightened out. Surely someone there has the authority to find your employment records.

Companies verify employment all the time. There is no excuse for anyone at this company to just shrug their shoulders and say they can't find any record of you working there.

Hope this helps. Best of luck in finding a new job soon.

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