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Use Social Media For Your Job Search

by Jake

Hi Mike,

Thanks for all the suggestions and resources on changing careers and alternative money making ideas.

One thing that I've found which is increasingly important is the use of Social Media in the job search. Perhaps more important than the search itself, it is important for networking.

According to a recent CNN article about 80% of jobs that are filled are never advertised. So if they aren't out there soliciting resumes, how do they find the employee?

Simple: word of mouth.

Current employees have a lot of weight in their recommendations, so it serves you well to use Linked In, Facebook, and other networks to keep up with your friends and connections in their professional life.

If there was any doubt, this trend has only increased recently. Employment data suggests that the number of firms using social media as part of their recruitment has increased from 81% to 92% in the last few years.

I think the younger job seeker may be well aware of this, whereas generally those of an older generation may be a little more reluctant to admit it. No matter your age, it is important to be up with the latest trends in hiring as that is how the jobs are found.

Keep up the good work, Mike.


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