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Why a Second Job Interview?

by Joe

I did well in a recent job interview and have been invited back for a second interview. My boss happens to be a friend of mine and knows me quite well. He actually opened a door for me there.

So, why then am I being asked to come in for another round of interviews? He told me I will be meeting with 3 Directors.

Any advice on what I should do differently this time around?

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May 09, 2011
by: Roman

Hi guys-
I recently had a job interview for an electrician position. A couple of days ago I was invited to a second interview with the engineering manager. I was interested as to how is this interview going be different, and what kind of questions I will get?

Mike Comments:

It sounds like you did well in your first interview if they're inviting you back to meet with the engineering manager. Expect him to ask you questions about your technical abilities and the depth of your knowledge with electrical work. These questions could include how you diagnose and repair certain problems, and how you would go about managing a new project. He could also ask about any training you've done to stay current as well as any certifications you've earned.

Your first interview was probably with human resources. They often ask these top 10 interview questions. Engineering managers will be more interested in your technical skills and abilities.

Even so, go to my webpage, second job interview, for the best way to prepare for your upcoming interview. Best of luck.

May 05, 2010
Why a Second Job Interview
by: Michael Petras

Congrats on your second job interview! Sounds like your friend/boss likes you and thinks highly of your strengths and skills.

Even though your friend will be your boss and knows you well, no one individual makes a hiring decision. People are hired by committee.

It's important that you are well prepared for your second interview with these 3 Directors. Don't assume this is a slam dunk because of your friend's endorsement of you.

It not only is appropriate, but very wise for you to call your friend and ask him for his advice on how to prepare to meet with these Directors. Do not do this by email. Talk with him on the phone as you will get more details this way.

Ask him about their management styles and their interviewing styles. Also ask him if you will be meeting separately or one-on-one with these Directors.

I've known situations like yours where a friend on the inside will provide you with most of the questions you will be asked, and even tell you how tough they will interview you.

There is nothing unethical or wrong about having this information. You still have to answer the questions and impress the Directors.

Don't forget to send thank you letters to everyone who interviewed you. Only 10% of candidates do this. So, if you are competing with other candidates, this will definitely make you stand out.

Good luck with your interviews. Hope you get a juicy offer.

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