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Why a Third Job Interview?

by Amanda
(Little Rock, AR)

Thank you so much for the insightful wisdom on your site! I used it for my second job interview with a major high-profile organization and nailed it.

They called me this morning to come in for an on-site third interview (the job is remote/home office). They are hiring three people for this position and I believe they are having that exact amount come in for on-site interviews.

What do you think I need to do to prepare for this aside from what I have already?

Thank you!


Mike comments:

Hello Amanda-

I was delighted to receive your email and so glad to hear of your recent job interview success. Sounds like you've all but got the job.

I'm optimistic for you.

A third interview is rare, but it could also be a sign that this company is very selective about who they hire. Since you are so well prepared, you have nothing to fear. It's unlikely they will throw you a curve ball or do something unexpected at this late stage of the interviewing process.

Even so, the biggest mistake job seekers make is letting their guard down after the first or second job interview.

Don't assume the job is yours and go into your third interview too relaxed and overconfident. Prepare for your third job interview with this company just like you would if this were the first time. And it is the first time for whomever will interview you.

Sometimes a high level executive or director will ask you some of the same interview questions you've already answered in your last interviews. If so, you know what to do; however, also be prepared to be extended an offer on the spot.

If the offer is reasonable, don't be afraid to accept it, but this would be a good time to ask about the entire package (benefits, vacation, work hours, over time, bonuses, etc.) Prepare your questions ahead of time so you know what to ask.

Also, it's OK to accept a verbal offer, but ask them for your offer in writing along with an outline of their benefits. Also ask them who you should call if you have any questions. This way you can study over their offer at home without any emotional pressure. If you see a red flag or something unusual you can always change your mind if you don't get a satisfactory answer.

If you get a disappointing offer, thank them, but tell them you'd like to think about it. If they ask you what you want to think about, tell them you'd like to consider their offer in light of the entire package; then, ask them if they could provide you with any written information about benefits, etc. This buys you some time to come up with a counter offer based on the strength of their benefits package.

Sometimes a company will agree to this only after you agree to the verbal offer amount. If they put a lot of pressure on you and grind you for a number, this is a bad sign and could mean they're cheap. In other words, they could have used a three interview process to build your excitement and expectations only to give you a low-ball offer. Don't fall for this.

Even if you're very disappointed and dying inside, put on an academy award winning performance. Smile, be positive, but stick to your guns about thinking over their offer. Tell them you always like to make major decisions after carefully considering them for a day or two. If you're married, you can also tell them that you'd like to discuss it with your husband.

Don't worry about upsetting them or sabotaging the whole deal. If they withdraw the offer just because you want to think it over, there is something wrong and you don't want to find this out after you're working there.

An offer is like a marriage proposal and a good company will make you feel good about it. If you feel a lot of pressure and disappointment, trust your instincts and simply tell them you want to think about; then, get back to them with a reasonable counter-offer or just turn down the job.

Hope it goes super well and you aren't disappointed. Please let me know how it worked out. I'm curious to know.

Thanks again for your kind words about my site. It does my heart good to know my advice made a difference.

All the best.

Mike Petras

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Comments for Why a Third Job Interview?

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Feb 05, 2018
3rd Interview NEW
by: Luke

Thank you for your advice.

I will be stepping in for a 3rd interview with a reputable company in the next 3 hours and after reading you piece and looking back at the 2 interviews, I think they wanted to low ball me with a cheap offer.

I'm just open to all possibilities if this meeting goes either way but thank you so much for the heads up.

I'll keep you posted.



Jan 08, 2017
Question about my third and final interview NEW
by: Zia uddin

Hi sir i want to know with most respectfully worrd to i have done my second interview with my full confidence and the HR department said we are selected you for the third and final interview and will call you back for the third and final interview so I am bit confused about it to how I will prepare my self and what type of questions they will ask, me.i am little bit confused need to give me some good ideas and tips of the final interview I shall be thank full to you for that.

Mar 09, 2016
I thought it was in the bag
by: Anonymous

Phone screening went well. Second phone interview and tech assessment (this was a software engineering position) went well and the hr rep told me specifically "feedback was good, we'd like to call you in for an in-person interview". Went it for second and nailed it. Arguably did even better in the third in person. No dice. They said they're giving it to someone who'd worked there previously. I know I knocked it out of the park. Feeling dejected. Drinking...

Mar 04, 2016
Pass on multiple interviews
by: Anonymous

I have a policy on passing on anything more than a primary interview. Usually, employers who are that "anal" are not worth working for, plus it's usually just a paper drill. Either offer me the job or not. Next, please!

Dec 31, 2015
Third interview with Hiring manager
by: Anonymous

I have had a phone interview that lasted an hour, and 2nd interview with the same person plus a would be co worker that was over and hour and a 3rd interview with the Hiring manager of the department. Same questions were asked all three times. At the end of the third interview the hiring manager told me that they were not in any hurry to make a decision and that they were still interviews. I thought all three interviews went well, I don't know if perhaps the hiring manager was looking for someone different. Not sure what to think at this point.

Jun 15, 2015
Manager Instrumentation
by: Yar Mohammad

Dear madam/sir,i have given two interviews for the post of manager instrumentation ,first was technical interview and that was conducted by Head of Instrumentation of three plants,second interview was conducted by HR manager and Head of Production.
Now they called me for third interview ,therefore i am little bit confused now what they will ask from me ,so sir please tell ,how i will prepare myself for the third interview.

Yar Mohammad

Jun 12, 2015
3rd round
by: Anonymous


So I applied for a front desk agent a local resort. First I met with the Human resource manager, I felt it went well he provided all positive feedback. Second interview was 2 days ago with the manager of the resort, and same thing it went well positive feedback. Today I received an email from the 1st person stating he had heard my interview with the manager went well and was wondering if I could come in tomorrow to answer a couple more questions... What should I except from this third meeting??? Any advice to seal the deal

Jun 04, 2015
Called for a 3rd interview
by: Anonymous

I was called for a third and final interview. Apparently it was explained that the person who previously held the job - did not handle the stress of the multi-tasked requirements. The position is a Project Manager. The CEO went on to further state that he had difficulty communicating with the workers! It created some unrest among the installers and so the process of replacing him they wanted to be sure the fit was inline with the company's culture! I have 30 years of experience in the industry and know all too well some of the challenges that they have spoken of during my 1st and 2nd interviews - what can I expect with this final interview?

Reply from Michael Petras:


Congrats on your 3rd interview with this company. Sounds like they are pretty sold on you if they've invited you back for a 3rd interview.

Try and find out if you will be meeting with anyone new from your other 2 interviews. If so, find out their name and title and look up their profile on LinkedIn. If you are meeting with a new person, expect similar questions to your other 2 interviews; but, also be prepared for behavioral interview questions and situational interview questions.

Good luck with your interview.

Mar 13, 2015
How many fish in the sea?
by: wanting answers

I am going in for a third interview with a company that I have wanted to work for in the position that I have wanted for a few years now. I have been in the industry that I am interviewing in for the last 10 years. I have generally always worked as a residential sales person, however this new position requires B2B sales experience which I do not have. I am nervous about the third interview. I know there are other applicants, but my question is this, if they said there were 20 other applicants during my first interview, how many do you think are still left standing by the third?

Mar 12, 2015
Third Interview and offer
by: Anne

After and third interview with both the VP and owner of a company, I was offered a position. A letter offer was sent with a yearly salary. I countered the offer with what I thought I was worth. The HR rep told me she would get back to me after speaking to the the Owner.
The offer letter had included a 50+ hour work week and two Saturdays a month, which I thought was a lot of hours for the money I was offered. The HR rep has not gotten back to me to this day, over a week later. So I am assuming they did not like my counter offer. It showed me, this is not a company to work for. As they chose to ignore me. On to a better role.

May 28, 2014
Third Job Interview Process
by: joy

First interview was with HR and Owner and that lasted an hour and a half. Immediately, they called me in for a second interview (same day) with manager and director. That lasted an hour. Third interview with manager and director again. And it lasted an hour and a half. They asked me the same questions but I felt as if they were "grilling" me when they said "what would you do if this happened? be honest and dont give an answer just because it sounds good." I dont know what to think of that.

At the end of the interview, they handed me over a job application and told me to fax it in the next day. Then I received an email about my salary range, since I put on the application that it was negotiable. I am still waiting.

Sep 10, 2012
3rd Job Interview - Maybe a "good sign"
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,

I love this site. Thanks to everyone who helps to make this site what it is - FANTASTIC!!

Well, I had an interview via phone, one in person, and was called for my THIRD INTERVIEW, today.

Well ............... what can I say.....the interview went well; however, with this interview, I was actually observing a lot more than what I had observed in the previous interviews. So much so, that by the end of the interview I told myself that I didn't even think I'd take the job - even if they handed it to me on a golden platter.

Many of us lose sight during the interviewing process - yes, we need the job, and yes, the Interviewer has the upper hand; however, "we" as applicants should read behind the lines - If you're not happy during the intervieiwing process, it's very unlikely that you will be happy on the actual job.

Well wishes to all & I pray that we all find the jobs we enjoy :-)

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