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Why do I have to do an internal job interview?

by Amber

There is a job opening in my department that I really want. It would be a step up for me in responsibility. My company has the job posted to their website...which means they are accepting outside and inside candidates.

I'm annoyed my boss didn't even approach me about it. So, I went to him and asked him if he would consider me for the position. My boss told me to submit my resume and he would interview me.

Why do I have to do an internal interview?

My boss knows me well and the quality of my work. This seems like a big waste of time.

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May 04, 2010
Internal Job Interview
by: Michael Petras

The main reason companies do internal interviews is protect themselves from discrimination law suits.

If they apply their hiring process to everyone--inside and outside the company--they can claim they treated everyone fairly. Also, many companies have a policy of interviewing all internal candidates as a courtesy to them, even if they aren't qualified.

All you can do is prepare for your interview just like you would for a job outside the company. Put your best foot forward and let the chips fall where they may.

If for some reason someone else gets the job, it's perfectly ok to approach your boss and ask him in what ways you fell short. You may not like the feedback, but it could help you prepare for future opportunities.

Good luck with your interview.

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